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4 Tips to Be More Productive

Office Acoustics & Why They’re Getting Worse The modern office has become a noisy, distracting environment,and it’s only getting worse.  In a study by the Data Entry Management Association, poor office acoustics increased the errors made in data entries by as much as 27%.   Furthermore, cost-cutting tactics lead to workstations being placed more closely together [...]

The Cost of Distracted, Disengaged Workers

The Cost of Distracted, Disengaged Workers Office noise is one of the most commonly complained about office issues.  It’s easy to assume that workers kind of enjoy being distracted, as if it moved the day faster or made it more fun.  My husband used to waste hours as an electrical engineer on office pranks and [...]

Call Center Acoustics

Dealing with Stereotypes When I think of call centers, I usually think of the evil people who prey on bored, lonely grandmas mid-afternoon, selling them incredibly useless or over-priced products they’ll never use (but just might re-gift for Christmas or a birthday).  Or, I think of the people who call us during dinner or the [...]

Sound Masking & Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction Tonight at dinner my young daughter asked me what “satisfied” meant.  After some thought, my husband ended up answering with “satisfied means someone is pleased with how something turned out.”  What a great definition.  Press Ganey patient satisfaction surveys tell us that there is a clear link between patient satisfaction and their perception of [...]