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Sound Masking for Banks

Last week, I opened a new account at a new bank.  They offered a cash bonus for new accounts, so my husband and I decided to give this branch a shot.  It was convenient and seemed like a good move.  Interestingly, after a very long wait in the lobby line with not enough tellers, I [...]

Conversational Distraction & the ABCs of Sound Masking

Workers complain about work place distractions as a major contributor to loss of focus and productivity.  Digital distractions, such as smart phones and laptops with ever-streaming sources of information, are an easy scapegoat.  Interestingly, not only are these devices necessary for actual work, they are not the number one source of work place distraction. Conversational [...]

Patient Satisfaction & Medical Facilities

Patient Satisfaction Press Ganey patient satisfaction surveys tell us that there is a clear link between patient satisfaction and their perception of quality of care and profitability.  Even if quality care is provided, if the perception is not there, patients walk away unsatisfied.  Thus, it’s essential to provide both quality care and the perception of care.  Thus, [...]

Sound Masking to Reduce Distractions

Everyday Distractions Workers are distracted.  There’s no denying it. The average worker is distracted more than 2 hours a day. They are interrupted over 70 times a day. These distracted workers cost businesses just under $600 billion a year! Distracted workers aren’t exactly focused or wonderfully motivated.  In fact, they’re known as disengaged workers.  And [...]