So, it’s Christmas, and not unlike Four Christmases, some holidays are best spent sans family.  As it is, we live overseas, so Christmas is the only time we can come to the States, so avoiding family is not exactly an option.  This year, we spent a month with my parents and 3 weeks with my husband’s parents.  While at my in-laws’ house, my husband’s two sisters and their entourages also stayed with us.

7 adults

+ 4 children (9, 5, 3, and 1)

+ 2 dogs 1 dog (1 got sent away as a result of a scuffle)


=Stressful & LOUD

Seriously, I cherish family time, and my in-laws are awesome.  However, squeezing that many people in 1 smallish house is painful even if the relationships themselves are not (though they might be after a week of cramped quarters).  Unfortunately, the 2 smaller children are mine- don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but being the age they are, they still require a certain amount of sleeping that is pretty nonnegotiable.  So, barking dogs, quarreling cousins, boisterous meals, sibling rivalries, and countless other interruptions do not aide in my children’s sleep quota.

Can I say again how much I love white noise?  I used to think I had to blast the world’s loudest fan to block every single noise so my babies could sleep.  I have since learned that a low-level background noise is enough to provide a nice, secure, seemingly quiet nap and sleep area for both my children.

White noise isn’t just for children either.  My poor sister-in-law who only contributed the barking dog, but no children, had trouble sleeping until we insisted upon white noise.  (Evidently, my son’s early 6am rise was not conducive to her sleeping- especially if we chose to pretend we didn’t hear him).  A little white noise and she was able to filter it out.

Here are a few options: babies/children adults

And here’s a cool free generator you can try from the same company.

Yea for white noise!

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