Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you may be scurrying in your attempts to think of a gift.  Possibly you’re in the beginning of a relationship in which a well-planned date or a lovely bouquet of flowers will be just the thing to express your feelings.  Or perhaps you are farther along in your relationship, like me, in which great dates and flowers have been done- and done well at that.  So, what’s a guy or girl to do?  What’s a seasoned spouse  to do for their 10th or 15th Valentine’s Day?

Can I tell you what I want?  More than a night out or a new bauble, I want sleep.  I’m not kidding.  I’m on my third baby, and while my experience has increased, my energy has not.  Taking care of three small children is rewarding, but draining nonetheless.  So, more than anything right now, I’d like to sleep longer than 4 hours at a time.  While my husband is incredibly kind and generous and would no doubt grant me my wish, he cannot still my mind and calm my worry.  That is to say, he cannot make the house quiet or help me not to be anxious about how everyone is doing without, well, me.

The solution we’ve found for these situations is a sound machine.  Please believe me- sound machines have saved our marriage by blocking noise- from each other, from our older kids, and between our children.  When we’ve had to let kids “cry it out” even the timers on our sound machines have given us a break for the greater good.  Thus, that is what I want this Valentine’s Day- a date with my sound machine!  Whether it’s a long, uninterrupted nap, or a 6-hour stretch at night where my husband is at the helm with a bottle in his hand, I’d love to be blissfully unaware.

If you’re looking for a gift your spouse will really appreciate, consider safeguarding your marriage with a sound machine!

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