Anti-Espionage Speech Privacy

Sound masking systems are excellent resources for reducing distractions and p

  • roviding confidentiality through speech privacy.  Many facilities install systems to combat unwanted noise so that workers can be more productive…after all the average worker is distracted more than 2 hours every day!  Interestingly, what accomplishes a reduction of distractions is actually speech privacy.  Speech privacy has been accomplished when people can see and even hear someone speaking but can’t understand him/her.  It’s a crazy concept, but it’s akin to what we experience on an airplane or around running water: we are aware of other’s conversations, but can’t quite make them out.  For offices, this is helpful because workers quickly tune out what they can’t process.  For those requiring something more, the good news is that the same principle applies.

eavesdropping-300x199Facilities that need anti-espionage speech privacy can also enjoy the benefits of a sound masking system.  That’s because the amount of speech privacy breaches is growing at a phenomenal rate.  Every year the demand for the best in sound masking technology goes up, as sales of audio surveillance devices increase as well.

  • There are over 700,000 eavesdropping devices sold each year
  • Over 6,500 incidents of industrial espionage occur in the United States each year with an average economic impact of $1.25 million per incident.
  • Speech privacy breaches cost Fortune 1000 companies over $53 billion annually

Eavesdropping isn’t just an annoyance- it’s a costly and potentially dangerous problem for many companies and facilities, including businesses with trade secrets and even government and/or military facilities.  For these entities, overheard conversations could sink their companies or even put lives in danger.  To avoid these situations, most of the time people think of putting records under lock and key and even shredding files, etc.  They overlook breaches of speech privacy, such as bugs and other concealed devices.

Speech Privacy Systems is the only company that carries complete sound masking technology solutions to protect breach points using a variety of sound masking equipment to completely protect your space.

Do you feel completely drained of energy before you even reach the end of the day? We all have those days when we are extra tired, but there are some habits we can change to help retain some of the energy we waste during the day. Try these tips help recover your productivity.

  • Maintain Good Posture. Slouching or sitting in an awkward position requires extra work by the major muscle groups in your back and arms, draining you of energy and momentum. Instead, strive to maintain a neutral typing posture where your muscles are at their lowest strain and even relaxed. Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to support good posture for long periods of time. Also, make sure your back is well supported and add more lumbar support if your chair doesn’t provide enough.
  • Start Using White Noise. It takes a great deal of energy and effort to concentrate in the midst of distractions and noise. Most people lose up to two hours a day from interruptions at work, but a personal sound machine can help. Start by establishing a distraction-free time with no e-mail or phone calls – maybe even hang a sign indicating when you will next be available for interruptions — and turn on a white noise machine to block out office conversations and noise around you. It is incredible how quickly and efficiently you can work when you don’t have to spend half your brain power just trying to focus.
  • Upgrade Your Keyboard. In the same way that poor posture strains you back and arms, poor positioning of your hands and arms wastes energy and can strain muscles. Ergonomic keyboards are wonderfully designed to improve hand posture and reduce the energy and muscle movement required for typing. You should try the many different designs and sizes to find one that fits your hands and needs.
  • Be Aware of Your Energy-Draining Tasks. Do you find that certain tasks or dealing with certain people drain you faster than your normal work? We all have things we don’t like to do and personalities that challenge us. Once you recognize what these are for you, be deliberate about how you deal with them. Find a good time of the day, when you are not too tired or easily irritated. Then set aside a short period of time to tackle these tasks, or calls these people. Afterward, take a break, drink some water and restore your focus before moving on with your day. If necessary, come back to finish the task a little later in the day.

We all encounter distractions and interruptions that drain us of our energy and break our concentration. Try using white noise to cover the constant conversations and noise present in any office. Set aside a distraction-free time and use a personal sound machine to help you focus and make the most of your time. Establishing new habits can help you restore lost energy and remain productive all day long.