Every night, week day or weekend, my neighbors crank up their music around 10pm for several hours.  Prior to that we listen to them slamming doors and clunking around.  It’s a bit disconcerting when it sounds like someone is coming into our flat, only to realize it’s next door.  It’s also frustrating to finally be winding down, just to have the college kids crank it up.  In all fairness, though, our lives are simply opposite.  We’re done with college and late nights (that we choose and not centered around sick kids), and we have early mornings.  So, if I were my neighbors writing this, I would say, “Every morning around 5am, I hear that baby crying, and then at 7am, I hear tons of stomping…just when I finally get to sleep, they wake me up!”  I’m the first to say it goes two ways for sure.

That’s just the way life is, isn’t it?  Part of being in a community is dealing with other people, their choices, and not getting angry about it.  It’s just not worth the emotional energy, in my opinion.  However, when I’m trying to get “that baby” to sleep, whether for a nap or at night, or when the big kids need to be able to sleep through the night for school the next day, I tend to stress about excessive noise that keeps them awake and less than pleasant the following morning.  So while I cannot control what my neighbors do (nor can they control our noise), I can take charge in my own home and how we manage less than ideal distractions, especially when trying to sleep.  We use sound machines.  Not every night and not in every room, but where and when it’s necessary to block noisy neighbors, we turn those bad boys on and we sleep.  Such a quick, relatively cheap, and stress-free remedy to a very common problem.

If noisy neighbors are getting you down and keeping you from going to sleep, try a sound machine– it’s easy to turn on and just s easy not to use when not needed.


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