Facebooking for Answers

6 years ago my life changed forever, or so it seems.  One day I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and the next day I couldn’t.  I couldn’t count on a good night of sleep or even 3-hour chunks of sleep…usually this meant I would count on a nap, but those were not a given either.  That’s right, my oldest daughter rocked my world, and at first, it was not a good thing.  I had a really hard time enjoying my precious baby because I was so stressed and tired.  I read every book out there on sleep.  My biggest concern was that as my baby got a little bit older, she was very social and hated missing out on, well, anything!  Thus, every phone call, door slam, or social gathering was grounds for an awake and grumpy baby.

That’s why I chimed in the other day when I a friend of mine, a new mama {I now have 3- and am even surviving!}, asked about noise issues and sleep.

  • Who has a recommendation for a noise canceling sound machine for a nursery?

Love that it;s portable for when we’re away from home.

People chimed in with all kinds of suggestions, such as fans, iPods, humidifiers, etc.  

  • (Timed CD) That would mean it would have to play continuously while he slept. He is such a light sleeper. He hears every creak of this old house and ever noise outside.
  • (Fan) I was using a fan but its too cold now. Radio static is smart.
  • (iPod)I have a docking station. I tried once. I should try again. On the weekends when we don’t get up, he will sleep until 8 so I know he needs more sleep but gets up at 630 because he hears us in the week. During his nap it just takes a loud truck or a dog bark and he is up and mad.
  • (fan again; then humidifier) Thanks everyone! We were using a fan but its getting to be too cold up here for that! We used a humidifier a long time ago and i think i put it away when he started driving me crazy trying to get into it. Think we may go for a straight up sound machine!

My friend decided to go with a sound machine, as I suggested and even got a shout out for.  Plus, check out how this mom shows that white noise has not ruined her children. Amen.

  • I second that of your friend Emily, not for a nursery but I do use that same sound machine and its AWESOME!:) We use a fan and Jeff thinks I’m ruining our kids with white noise, it’s nice to see that we’re in good company:) I leave it on all night, to cancel out the house noises, and was relieved to discover that when we’re away from home they all 3 sleep fine without it.

So, if you’re tired and ready for more consolidated sleep for everyone, look no farther.  This sound machine is mom-tested and approved.

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