Are you trying to grow your blog?  Here are some tips for doing just that whether you have a personal or professional blog, are looking for better rankings, or just want to expand your readership.

10 Tips for More Effective Blogging

  • Blog frequently.  Most people have a reader or blog list that automatically updates.  If you don’t have a new title pop up, then most people won’t click over to you.  Plus, the more you write, the more creative you’ll be on topics.  Even starting out with two consistent days a week is a step in the right direction.
  • Keep it short.  Your blog is not your diary.  Shoot for several shorter posts (300 words) rather than one massive post that even your most faithful reader struggles to finish.  Even if it’s a big topic, try to find natural breaks for multiple posts.  This will probably keep your readers interested, too!  Along these lines, try to use headings and to chunk material where possible for best visual effect.
  • Stay relevant.   It’s hard to keep an audience if you don’t write about what interests them.  Look for interesting articles to post about or topics you think people are interested in.  Lastly, use real-life examples to make my posts more readable and relevant for strangers reading my blogs.
  • Stay informed.  This usually means tuning in to coupons, current events, and pop culture.  By writing about a new trend or even a can’t-miss-bargain, your chances of being found by new readers are exponentially higher.
  • Use high-ranking key terms that will make your blog useful and worthwhile.  Focus on hot topics you and your readers are interested in, and use good keywords in the text, title, and tags.  This is HUGELY important for professional blogs.  There are several tools out there you can use to maximize your SEO.  My new favorite is a WP plug-in called Scribe Content Organizer.
  • Be an active member in the blogging and social community.  That includes Twitter and Facebook.  It’s super-easy to link to your newest post on Twitter and/or Facebook.  What goes around comes around.  You can’t expect people to read, much less comment on, your blog if you isolate yourself from theirs.  You can’t read them all, but try to be consistent in who you read, and take the time to write a worthwhile commnt.
  • LINK! Most people erroneously assume that their ranking is based on how many people read their blog.  Wrong.  It’s all about links!  To get people to link to you, you must be generous in your own linking.  First, have worthwhile links as resources in your text.  Whether it’s a great sale or a project idea, link to reputable and useful sites that other people can’t help but reference.  Second, link to blogs you’d like to be linked from.  If you actively engage in a blog, chances are better that they’ll find yours and want to highlight you.  Third, ask for links.  Don’t beg in the comment section (nobody likes spam no matter who you say you are), but be bold when you feel you have something to offer.  You may notice a friend is going on vacation- offer to guest post.  Or, it may be that a great blogger asks for advice and you have just the answer in a previous post- send her the link!
  • Host Give-Aways.  They don’t have to cost you much.  In fact, many companies will sponsor your blog as host for a product.  If you are comfortable with that product and would recommend it to a friend, do a give-away!  Or, make your own.  Here is an example of one I did for my favorite travel sound machine.  It’s important to be strategic in how you offer entries- for example, enjoy some link love by asking your entrants to link to your give-away post on their blogs and on Facebook, as well as on Twitter.  {Notice that I just gave a little link love to that company!}
  • Use pictures and images.  Whether they’re from your own camera, or from a site like, adding a visual appeals to most personalities.  If you are promoting a product, be sure to include a picture and not just a link.  {Be warned that most photographers would appreciate a “photo credit” linked to their site or name.}
  • Join a relevant meme or carnival. Some great mommy carnivals are  Menu Plan MondayTop Ten TuesdayWorks for Me WednesdayThings I Love Thursday, or Frugal Friday to get more exposure.  You’ll find new sites you love and also introduce yourself to new readers.  Plus, it’s a great way to promo something you’re selling!

Hopefully, these tips will help you as you give your blog a face lift (like I did) or boost your business.  Happy blogging!

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