When Noise Strikes at Home

I frequently write about the woes of office noise, and how distracted workers are.  It’s a real problem that costs businesses hundreds of billions of dollars.  However, today I’m going to chat about a real problem that has cost parents hundreds of hours of sleep.  That’s right- sometimes our “noisy co-workers” live right beneath our own roof and bear our names.  Kids really can ruin a good sleep, especially our own.  I find this true even as my kids get older.  I used to think that when my babies got older and I didn’t have to get up with them to nurse, I’d get better sleep.  Mostly, that is true.  What has gotten worse is their own play time noise.  Now that they’ve given up naps, my own nap time while the baby sleeps is massively in danger.

Sound Machines

Nature sounds can be relaxing and peaceful for a good night of sleep and restorative naps.

Just this past weekend, I put on a movie for the older two so the baby and I could get a good snooze.  All was well until the movie ended.  Then, my children somehow turned into elephants as they thundered through the house, evidently playing the loudest game of hide and go seek ever created.  Two thoughts:

  1. Way to go, guys, for finding something to do while Mommy was napping.
  2. Dang it, guys, find something quieter.

There must be a way for the kids to have their fun and for Mommy and baby t0 be able to sleep through it…or at the very least, baby.  I submit to you the sound machine.  While I will be the first to admit that sound machines don’t drown out every noise, they sure go a long way in helping you tune out annoying activities that seem to be diametrically opposed to good rest.  You can choose nature sounds or typical white noise, and either way you’ll hear that instead of all the stomping and horse play.  Plus, with a little white noise, you can rest assured that baby is oblivious to it all, too.

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