Ringing in Your Ears

Several times since becoming a mother, I have had a child kiss me on the ear.  I don’t mean on the edge or the lobe, but right in my ear, to the point that I yelled out in pain and forbade them from ever doing it again {which obviously didn’t take since I have several recollections of this incident}.  I may sound overly dramatic, but upon watching action movies or even dramas on TV, I have noticed that it sounds a lot like the effects they do for loud explosions to show how mind-numbing and utterly startling such unexpected and powerful blows can be.

Sadly, millions of Americans suffer from tinnitis, or a ringing in the ears.  Their experiences are assuredly unlike those on film in that they are not personal, deadly attacks, but they are also not momentary.  Tinnits sufferers experience a range of annoyance, from just that, annoyance, to incredibly uncomfortable pain.

Sound therapy is the use of white noise to naturally treat tinnitus, or “ringing in the ears.”  Tinnitus is a frustrating condition millions suffer from in which you intermittently hear “ringing” that can range from soft to buzzing to a persistent, sharp sound in one or both ears.  You never know when it will hit or how long it will last or whether you’ll be able to concentrate at work through it.

What Exactly is Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy is an easy to use, affordable solution for tinnitus that provides relief for any user.  The use of white noise covers the sound spectrum so that you can work or even sleep without the discomfort of tinnitus.  It’s as if the tinnitus has been muted because your brain literally can not process that sound in the midst of the white noise surrounding it.


The bottom line is that if tinnitus is affecting your life at all, sound therapy is the most readily available and usable resource you have.  Plus, it’s affordable and many models are portable, making them readily available to travel with you.

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