What Is Sound Masking

Most people are somewhat familiar with the idea of “white noise”, though they may not be as aware of how diverse it actually is.  Most think of a hissing noise that they find annoying.  In reality, white noise is the production of sound that represents samples from all across the sound spectrum.  It can be a hissing sound, but it can also manifest as nature sounds.  People use white noise to work more productively, relax more fully, and sleep more soundly- all because the brain is distracted from its distraction and can therefore focus on what you want it to.  That said, sound masking is the use of white noise on a more corporate, or broader, sense.

 Who Uses Sound Masking?

Businesses around the country use systems like the VoiceArrest because they’re tired of losing time and money to a solvable problem.  The average worker is distracted more than two hours every day.  This adds up to a $600billion loss for the US every year.  In addition to this lack of productivity, some businesses need confidential privacy for various reasons.  Here’s a quick look at reasons companies like yours take advantage of sound masking technology.

  • Call Centers: call centers are known for their noisy backgrounds.  For the sake of the caller and the people called, sound masking reduces the effect of ambient noise.
  • Real Estate Offices: Competing realtors share office space which gives the other parties unfair advantages at times.  Managers use sound masking to provide more privacy for their realtors.
  • Medical Facilities: HIPAA calls for a certain level of privacy for patients, but does not regulate oral communication.  Proactive medical facilities who want to satisfy their patients and keep their clientele as well as earn referrals use sound masking to provide confidentiality.
  • Cubicle Offices: Since workers are practically shoulder to shoulder, sound masking is a huge resource for reducing office noise, especially conversational distraction.

Sound masking is a great and highly effective resource for any facility looking to reduce distractions and increase confidentiality.

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