Noisy Call Centers 

A sound masking system is a surprisingly simple fix for noise in call centers.

Have you ever gotten a call from a call center before?  Chances are, you have.  And more than likely, it was not a priority, and you found the quickest way to get off the phone you could.  This is not great news for call centers.  They need your business and getting hung up on is a waste of their time, too.  Many callers feel that if their prospective recipients would just stay on the line and hear their “spiel,” so to speak, they would see the importance and be more sympathetic to the cause or product.

So what’s the problem?  Why do people hang up?  Not everyone is busy, so there must be additional reasons. Interestingly, noise can be the culprit.

  • Background sound, even other callers, can make a customer feel like a number instead of a person.
  • The same background noise can be quite distracting for both customer and caller.
  • When a potential customer hears all this, it only adds to the feeling that their personal information is up for grabs.

Why Sound Masking Is the Best Option

Adding a little background noise actually helps reduce unwanted noise.  With the addition of white noise through a sound masking system, callers can focus on their customers and not be distracted by fellow callers.  As a result, customers feel more served and less like a sales pitch waiting to happen and might be more prone to stay on the phone.

While it’s super-easy to plan for a sound masking system, it’s almost just as easy to add one!  Rather than alter the aesthetics and the functionality of the call center, sound masking systems like the Voice Arrest are installed in the ceiling tiles in a matter of minutes, thus minimizing almost all inconvenience.  The speakers can function in zones and need little, if any, regular adjustments.

Thus, if you have a noisy call center and are looking for a noise solution that doesn’t require totally changing the set-up, rest assured that the VoiceArrest Sound Masking System is an invisible, affordable, effective, and quick fix for any facility.

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