I haven’t worked in a traditional office in a long time.  I went from the class room to being a mom to working from home pretty quickly.  As much as I treasure staying home with my kids, there is a tiny {and I do mean tiny} part of me that misses being in a formal work place.  And there is also a thing called making a budget and trying to pay bills without going into the red.  Thus, I found I wanted to have a foot in both worlds: be home with my kids and still have be a productive, working person.

That said, many people have asked me how I do it.  Superwoman I am not, but I do have a few tips for trying to keep the juggling act in the air and not all over the floor.

Tips for Working from Home

Working from home can be challenging even in a silent, kid-free house.  Throw in a few kids, holidays, summer vacation, the flu, etc., and making deadlines can be tricky indeed.  Here is what has worked for me for 5 years now as I have gone from 1 easy child at home to 3 somewhat easy to mostly sassy children.  My most important job is taking care of my kids, so these tips have been designed to maximize kid time and still get the work done.

  • produt02-350x320-350x300Make a plan.  For me, this means sitting down and mapping out what needs to be done.  Every job is different, but we usually all have deadlines or goals to meet.  I print out a physical calendar and write down when projects are due so I can see it all visually and have it in my hands.  Others prefer online calendars.  Do what suits you and motivates you the most.
  • Make a schedule.  Based on how much work I have to do and when it’s due, I make a schedule of when I can work.  I mark off time each day to work at least 5 days a week; I am just as careful to schedule time off so I don’t kill all my downtime and also have a little flex time for when things don’t go the way I planned {insert child throwing up or a snow day.
  • Make changes in order to be productive.  This can mean a lot of different things.  First, find a consistent space to work, whether it’s an actual home office or just a corner of the living room.  Next, clear your work space of distractions.  It can be helpful to get organized, get rid of trash, and get some distance from the TV.  Finally, try a sound machine to tune out unwanted noise that can steal your focus.

Hopefully these tips will help you maximize both your family time and your work time.  Be sure to check back next time for more tips for your kids.

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