White Noise for Kids and Travel

More and more people are finding that the addition of white noise for home, work, or travel adds the level of peace and comfort they need for relaxation, productivity, or sleep.

What is white noise?

When you think of what white noise means, you might go kind of blank. You’ve probably heard of it before, but you might not be quite sure how it works. White noise gets its name from white light- where white light is a combination of all different colors of light, white noise is a combination of all different sound frequencies. Essentially white noise is unstructured sound that keeps your mind (through your ears) occupied, rather than focused on one or two or three specific, unwanted sounds (such as a dog barking, or street sounds outside your window, or ringing phones). So, a white noise machine produces this unstructured sound at your convenience, be it home, work, or travel.

White Noise for Kids

White noise has many applications. People have been using white noise for sleep for years. Corporations have started implementing sound masking systemsthat emit white noise through speakers installed above the ceiling tiles so their workers are less distracted and more productive.

But we’re going to suggest an application you may not have thought of: white noise for kids and travel. Whether you have a baby, a toddler, or a school-aged child, you probably have never been so aware of just how much noise affects sleep (be it yours or the child’s!). Many mothers sneak out of the nursery for fear of making the floorboards squeak. They silently shut the door in slow motion to avoid any unnecessary noises…only to have a dog bark outside, the garbage truck (or even worse, the recycle truck!) rumble by (which always seems to coincide with nap time), or an older child slam a door or yell across the house a minute later. Baby is up. And even though it’s not your fault, baby is your responsibility.

Many mothers (myself included) have employed white noise generators (aka sound machines) to circumvent unnecessary stress about noise waking up their children. Maybe you live in a noisy apartment, or maybe your neighbors are loud or have a loud dog, or it may just be that your own kids are none to quiet, especially when playing or sharing a room. Whatever your sound problem, the use of white noise can simultaneously allow baby to sleep peacefully and alleviate the stress you feel as you try to unsuccessfully sound-proof your home.

White Noise for Travel

Is it possible that you don’t travel for fear of terrible sleep? Whether it was a bad hotel experience or just the thought of sharing a room that keeps desire to travel at bay, here are a few applications to make vacations and holidays more pleasant for everyone:

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  • Hotels. Hotels can be blissful, but you never know what you’re going to get. Are you by the elevator, or is your window close to a busy street? Are your neighbors night owls? If so, you can use white noise to cover those sleep-reducing noises.
  • Sharing a room. Your family could be sharing a small hotel room or a room at family’s house. Either way, a shared room can wreak havoc on family harmony. If the kids are preschoolers or older, try setting them up on the opposite side of the room than the parents. Then use white noise in between the groups to cover snoring, sleep-talking, trips to the bathroom, and general sleep sounds from interrupting everyone’s sleep. Plus, it may be that they need to go to sleep before you’re ready to be quiet.
  • If, on the other hand, you have a baby or toddler who goes to bed earlier than everyone else, it may be that you can put the pack n play in the bathroom or off in a corner from the rest of the family to minimize noise interruptions. Most hotels (and certainly homes) have an extra bathroom for you to use for teeth-brushing and final potty time.
  • Aiding sleep with routine. Sleeping away from home can be traumatic for everyone, but especially for children who thrive on routine. Besides blocking excessive noise, white noise can remind children of their routine from home (if they use it at home).


Choosing the best white noise machine for you

As you select a white noise machine (or sound machine, as they’re often called) for you and your family, here are a few things you’ll want to consider:

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  • Where are you using it? Is it for a bedroom or for a home office? Do you want it to be able to move from room to room? If so, you’ll want a portable generator. If, on the other hand, the generator will remain in one place, you could look into a generator that offers a mounting kit, like the Sonet Personal White Noise Machine.
  • What kind of white noise do you want to hear? Would you prefer the gentle hum of traditional white noise (the Noise Shield) or nature sounds (Sound Oasis Deluxe)? Do you want a completely consistent sound (a waterfall) or one with variations (such as the addition of an owl)? Many people prefer having options, and they find that a waterfall sound can simulate static for a simple sound. The Escape offers a fantastic selection of nature sounds you can even customize for personal use.
  • Will you travel with it? If so, portability is essential. If you’re going overseas, make sure you take the correct adapter for plug-ins or spare batteries – try the Sound Oasis Travel White Noise Machine, it comes with many of the standard adapters.
  • Do the noises you want to cover fluctuate? If so, you might consider something like the Privacy Guard, which has an adaptive mode for coverage of changing ambient sounds.
  • How big of a space are you treating? The Sonet Personal White Noise Machine is effective in treating spaces of 50square feet to 500 square feet and is ideal for home or office use.

[box style=”info”]No matter your concerns for noise coverage, we are confident you can find what you need with our white noise generators. Please contact us for more information or help in selecting the best machine for you. [/box]