The Problem of Noise

Noise is a serious problem for most work places.  The fact of the matter is that noise means distracted workers and distracted workers are usually unhappy, unproductive, and quite costly.  Here’s the deal:

  • The average worker is distracted more than 2 hours and is interrupted over 70 times every day.
  • They experience more stress, make more mistakes, solve fewer problems, are absent more frequently, and turn over more often.
  • This all adds up to a $600 billion  loss annually.

No one likes that.  Not workers, not employers.  It’s a real problem, as I said, but an often-overlooked one in that it doesn’t seem like office noise is really that big of a deal.  Surely, it’s something bigger.  But as we office workers know, noise really is that big of a deal- it’s distracting!!  It’s so hard to focus and get any work done when we’re distracted.  That’s why we day dream, goof off online, and look for distraction…even when we need to work.  And then the end of the day comes, and it’s like, “Dang it.  Not again.”  We promise ourselves we’ll do better tomorrow, and yet the next day comes and we have the same problems without the right resources.

Having the Right Tool for the Job

As a worker, there’s not much you can do for others.  But you can help yourself by plugging in a sound machine.  As crazy as it sounds, using a little white noise can go a long way in combating bigger, more distracting noise.  The idea is that consistent, uniform background noise allows the brain to tune out inconsistent, erratic, and even louder noise.  The point is not to drown it all out but to not focus on it.  This is where a sound machine comes in- choose your white noise of choice and work away.

Sound machines are a great resource for overcoming office distraction.  If you’re not sure if it will work for you, try this free white noise generator first.

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