If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep because of noise, then you know the value of a good sound machine.  Whether you like simple white noise  or more acoustically diverse nature sounds, the consistent hum of a sound machine may be your best shot at a good night’s sleep.  You may even use them for your babies or small children who are sensitive to the everyday noise that is a part of your life.  This is true for us- even though we have 3 good sleepers, I’d like them to remain good sleepers.  My older two are fine now- they’re big enough to go back to sleep on their own when disturbed.  Our littlest one, though, I still don’t trust….which is why we have a sound machine for her.

Interestingly, with the first two I used a fan.  That’s what we had and it was simple enough.  Then, I heard about Mike Tyson’s daughter strangling on a cord and I panicked.  Plus, I was worried about curious fingers and fan blades.  So, I turned to a sound machine with a much shorter cord and no moving parts.  Easy enough.  However, I found myself in a bind when our electricity went out.  It doesn’t matter how short the cord is if you can’t plug it in.  Sigh.  Whether it’s a power outage from a storm, a breaker problem, or just the electricians re-wiring your house during nap time, there are sometimes reasons you simply need a portable sound machine.  The advantage is that since it is battery-run, you can use it anywhere, any time.  This is essential when you have little ones (or even yourself!) dependent upon routine.

Sound machines or sleep aids are great resources for adults, kids, and babies.  They help us fall asleep and stay asleep so we can wake up refreshed and ready to tackle a new day.  That’s why it’s important to have a portable sound machine on hand for travel or power outages.

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